I need help badly?

So me and my girlfriend got into a fight a few days and were taking a break, not broken up taking a break. And we didn't talk yesterday but then today we were and it was good then her ex contacted me and showed me some texts from him to her. They were talking and kinda flirting and he felt weird and worried she'd cheat on me so he asked her to date him, she said yes and she had a crush on him and wondered if he felt the same about her. He then said that he didn't mean it and she the said she was joking. I feel so hurt and confused. I don't know what to say or do. She says she was only joking and even told him she can't talk to him anymore and blocked him... What should I do?

P. S. I didn't ask her ex to do that or for her to block him so please don't say I'm controlling or something


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  • Awww that's awful! She should have never of done that! No I don't think you were controlling and I don't think she was joking.. Tbh!:-(

    • What should I do? I don't forgive her yet but might. I don't trust her not sure I will. But I do love her. But I feel cheated on. What should I do?

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    • People keep calling me wish and good looking yet I always get heart broken :(

    • Because you haven't found the right person yet! But you will!

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  • I won't say That here, dear, but what I will say Is... You can't trust her anymore.
    She is a sneaky snake from where I am sitting and was ready to dump you for the "EX" who still Marked an X in her own softie spot, and when she found out 'He didn't mean it,' she Conveniently tried to weasle and wiggle her buttercup butt out of it.
    Don't believe her. She is playing you for a fool. If she does it Once, she will do it again and again, my friend.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thanks for the upvote, sweetie, and I still stand by my own wise owl words. xxoo

  • no, stop speaking to her.


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