Guys, HELP!!! Do things things mean anything in the sense were my ex and I can get back together?

I believe he keeps track of me (or tries to) via Facebook. I think he posted something on Facebook just to make me laugh because before that he posted something else but then deleted It probably thinking I wouldn't get that joke (even though I did). He still has all of our pictures up on his main page on Facebook and places we went. He wears, uses, and has stuff out In the open that I bought him. Sometimes he caves in to hanging out with me and he never gets Mad when I just pop over his place. Whenever I text him if he answers it's usually in a matter of a couple minutes. He never lies to me about where he's going or whatnot.

So are any of these indicators?
Guy's please comment and help me out please!!!
guys Help!!! please!!!


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  • I would say yes. I don't know what he wants, but he wants something '-'

    • Why do you say yes and not know what he wants?

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