I do not understand what's going on?

okay so recently i made out with my ex boyfriend. we have the same friends so we see eachother a lot and we basiclly talk almost everyday and what not, we're friends because we broke up because of external factors. okay so back to the story we were both drunk, and he told me he 'te quiero' which is like i love you but less impacting, and he told me that i dont tell him about my life anymore and after we made out he asked me how i felt... okay so this happend and we haven't talked about it. I already saw him after this, and i claimed not to remember all the details because i was drunk ( i did this because there was people around and i didn't want to talk about that there) but now i feel like i should let him know i remember. because that day he was bringing it up quite offently, but as a joke he was saying that i had taken advantage of him and laughed about it, but he repeated this like 4 times in the same night. then the day after he chated with me about unrelated stuff. he started the conversation and then he wasn't answering, but he was liking my stuff on fb. I really didn't understand that.. and then he left me hanging in the middle of the conversation, and after that i send a link i thought he might enjoy, he saw it but didn't answer, it showed he was on his phone so maybe thats why he might not actually seen the video but just the message cuz he has this obsesion about watching videos in high quality, but it could also be he's ignoring me. So yeah im super confused. and i think he is too, what do you think? ( this is not the first time we make out or sleep together after our breakup, we stoped because we didn't want to get more hurt, but it seems the cycle is starting again)


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  • Looks like you guys are going to be like this for a while because your not giving each other a chance to move on. The fact that you remain friends should remind you that if you continue with this on off relationship then your friendship will become damaged beyond repair. Make a choice. Friends or partners. Dont try and do both. x


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