I have a terrible time trying to move on?

After me and my boyfriend break up, I end up moving back to my moms. In the wind of unpacking, I find myself crying. I stay up all night and cry and cry until I fall asleep. Then I wake up the next morning, crying, with sore eyes trying to go on about my day with my eyes swollen and filled with tears. Its like walking around seeing through a kaleidoscope. I cry for days, and then he begs me to come back, and then im okay. our relationship isn't healthy but I want it to be so badly. advice?


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  • Well, there's not a lot to go on here. From the title I thought you wanted to know how to cope with a break up, but then at the end you say you want the relationship to be healthy and would like advice for that.

    The reason there isn't much to go on is that you have given no context to why your relationship is unhealthy - you haven't told us what happens to cause these break-ups.

    So I'll answer your initial question with - time. Time will mend most wounds. It hurts for a long time, but after awhile, the pain will start to diminish. You will see light at the end of that dark tunnel eventually, but it will take time. Letting go of someone can be one of the hardest things we deal with as humans - especially if you really love that person.

    But letting go can also be one of the healthiest things we can do for ourselves, because some relationships can be toxic and no matter how badly we want it to work, sometimes it just won't work.

    The best thing you can do is surround yourself with supportive people. Friends, family, etc. Right now isn't a good time to surround yourself with another potential mate because you're vulnerable and will likely make a bad decision in that regard. Find a hobby, whether it's reading or answering questions on GaG - find something to occupy your time.

    Now, if you'd like advice on how to fix your relationship, I'd ask that you give me some context to work with. If I don't know what's wrong with the relationship, I can't tell you how to make it better.

    But in terms of moving on - it will take time.


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  • I was feeling bad till I read the part where you say your ex begs you to come back. Why is he still even a part of your life? The reason people struggle so much with break ups is they still for some bizarre keep their ex in their lives despite knowing it's not working and won't work. The more you keep him in your life the harder it will be to let go.

    Want to how I managed to move on from the first guy I loved? By blocking his number and moving on with my life. Yeah I cried a lot. Yeah it hurts too. But I managed to get through the process by moving on and putting him behind me once and for all.

    You can't move on and look forward if you still keep looking back at your ex. Healing doesn't work that way.


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  • "Our relationship isn't healthy but I want it to be so. badly".
    This is the biggest indicator that the relationship isn't what's best for you.
    You are doing the right thing by getting out of it.

    You are overwhelmed with emotion because you so badly want it to be.
    It's impossible to put a puzzle piece in where it does not fit.
    You are in love with the idea that he can be great. But the reality of it is, he is not. He is harmful to you.
    When you find yourself wanting to give in and go by , understand that you are in love with who you want him to be not who he is.

    You will get through this.
    Just stand strong.
    The tears will eventually become less and less.
    You won't be hurt for ever.
    After the storm comes sunshine.
    Just give yourself a lot of time and space.

    • *When you find yourself wanting to give in and go back , (correction)

  • so are you together or not?

  • talk to someone about everything!


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