Is he likely to cheat again?? Guys opinions welcome!

I just recently got back together with my ex boyfriend. We were apart for several months, with both of us seeing other people during this time. He cheated on me when we dated before, that being the reason I ended things. But honestly, I truly loved him, but was scared of how I felt. I do not think this makes it OK for him to cheat.

He and I began talking while he was dating his last girlfriend. He told me he loved me and missed me and has not been happy since we broke up. Apparently, he dated this other girl for physical benefits.

We are now back together, and while I am very happy about this, I have become very scared. I am not a clingy, needy, girlfriend..And I don't want to be. But I have become very scared that he will cheat on my again. Should I address this with him, or should I see how things go. He has acknowledged that he messed things up last time...Help what should I do? And is he likely to cheat again?
Is he likely to cheat again?? Guys opinions welcome!
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