Girls, I'm giving up on love because I can't let go of this one specific woman and its destroying me, how do I survive this?

I've been dating and absolutely in love with the same woman for the past 7 years, basically since I've met her... Let me explain the complications, I'm not like most men and I know everyone likes to see themselves as unique but I'm truly unlike all of my friends who are guys when it comes to love, relationships and sex.. I've been loyal to this woman for the past 7 years since we've met and we had some good years but many horrible things have happened and me being the pathetic romantic I am refused to give up on her because of the love she made me feel. First off someone who I believed was a friend of mine went behind my back because he was upset about something I had said to him (Childish I know) and decided to message my girlfriend and feed her this big bullshit story that I had cheated with some completely imaginary woman and because it was so out of the blue, she completely believed him and thus the problems began.. since I began dating this girl, I haven't even held hands with, hooked up with cuddled with or kissed another woman OTHER THAN HER yet because of the twisted way people in today's day and age act and think, she was convinced at one point that I was disloyal so guess what? SHE BREAKS UP WITH ME AND HOOKS UP WITH ONE OF HER GUY FRIENDS THE VERY SAME NIGHT SHE BREAKS UP WITH ME. This was just the first instance, I've forgiven her over and over again, proved I never cheated on her at this point but it seems as though none of it matters because what's done is done. She's now had sex with and had relationships with multiple men on multiple occasions of us being "broken up" or on a "break". I still haven't been able to even get involved with another woman because of the insane strong freelings of love I have for her.. is it even possible for a hopeless romantic like me to move on? I'm not ugly, I'm a decent person but I can't let this one woman go? Is it even possible for me to move on? What's wrong with me? Everyting seems hopeless


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  • Hey! It is possible for you to move on. But to do that you gotta accept that she's not coming back. You gotta find yourself. You need to also realize that she's not worth it anymore. Its life... You gotta know that your worth so much more. Trust me, when you move on she's gonna want to be in your life again, but its up to you to know if you want another heartbreak or you wanna keep it moving. Be about Progress not Prolonging.


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