Have you ever felt like you lost the one?

I know in a lot of relationships, when you get with someone... they feel like the one.. but has there ever been times.. where someone broke up with you.. and it almost felt like you lost "the one"? like you guys connected so much, shared the same morals, had the best inside jokes, had like your own relationship language, etc. and then usually for some reason.. whether it's distance,"not sharing the same mentality" or other petty reasons you guys broke up? I always feel when they give reasons like that.. it's usually because of things like them thinking you're too clingy and then once they are single.. then they feel like the mentality, distance, freedom, etc is the main reasons...

but I'm dealing with this with someone.. and I honestly feel and felt like they were the one.. and I don't think it's false hope or whatever.. but I feel like eventually it will workout. it's weird. my heart tells me to get sad. but when I'm thinking clearly.. my brain tells me that it will probably happen again over time.. but better this time


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  • Nope, I have felt like I've lost someone I've loved but that's about it

    I never thought "the one"
    But it maybe true, they say when you've met the one you'll know it so ;) could be her

    I'd only say it weren't possible if you were like 15,16,17 but ages 21-24 is pretty reasonable age for knowing you found the one

    So if you feel that what's stopping you from getting her back?


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  • I haven't really been in a relationship but the closest one I felt to it I was rebounded and when it ended, I did feel like I lost "the one" considering she was the first girl I dated who I had a lot in common with, found very physically attractive, and could have endless conversations with. Every one before that was just a fling or a few dates and felt like it was physical attraction only with little to nothing to talk about.

    That being said, the more I found out about the rebounder, the more I was turned off by her. She might have been attractive on the outside but on the inside she's disgusting.


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  • You're not over her yet, you still like her, and you cannot let go of her.

  • Nope not in my experience


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