Guy doesn't want exclusive relationship, I cut contact, should I tell him my perspective on why I don't want a non-exclusive relationship?

i was dating a guy and he did not want an exclusive relationship so i cut the contact
yesterday he send me a message and i replied with "i miss you a lot but i am thankful that we stop it now because i would be hurt even more if you have another girl and please don't contact me because then it is easier to let go for me"
we have two common friends and i never really told them a lot about this guy and me and yesterday i met one of that friends and she told me that the other friend told her the story because the guy told that other friend the story so i asked the friend with whom the guy talked and she just said something like "he said it happened during you two were abroad and you cut off contact"
should i send him a last message why i don't want to have a non-exclusive relationship? i don't wanna come off as clingy or try to change anything but somehow it bothers me that he doesn't see my perspective
(and i won't blame him for anything in that message i still think he is a good guy)
would you wanna hear that guys?


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  • It is okay to break up without him understanding your perspective. In fact, that is perfectly normal. If you understood each other, you probably wouldn't be breaking up.

  • No because it won't change anything


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