Did she cheated me or it's a breakup?

So as you guys adviced me to move on with my life, I did it.
but their is a curiosity in my mind weather it was a normal breakup or she cheated me.
<<<<<so my girl left me 4 months ago, actually we never had a fight before she left me. We loved each other but the problem was that she used to keep everthing secrete from me like the friends she hangout with. Even she never wanted me to interfere in any of her work so i stoped interfering. She had this habbit of sniffing my contacts, phone calls, fb account, pics etc. So one day she suddenly got angry on me and started ignoring. so i thought i don't deserve to be her boyfriend. I sent her 158 text messages but she did't reply , So I left her. I broke up. so now she returned back and want me back in her life. well in the meantime I stopped keeping any conection with her fb , watsapp everthing.
(29 aug)5 days ago she called me 18 times and constantly texting me from that days onwards
i replied her 5 times telling her that i moved forward but still she wants me back in her life.>>>>
now as you read my previous question and its discription
i need to update that story so she tried to contact me , and I ignored her, Now 10 days later (7 sept) she texed me saying "Don't text me again" actually I texted like you guys said that "leave me cause i have moved forward with my life"
Now one of our mutual friend informed me that she is in a new relationship for 2 weeks.
so my friend texted her like "stop playing with my brothers heart"
she lied to him saying her phone was switched off, whereas she was online for the past 1 week in watsapp (friend informed me)
i blocked her :P
no guys i am not feeling insecurity
i just


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  • Actually the thing is you should be never in a relationship with a girl who keeps everything secret... I don't know how you can e in a relationship with a girl like that... !!

    It's good that it ended between you too... she is gone for good!
    Don't think anything about it... Just let her go...


    • Ditto and yeah this guys is right... mine was soo sketchy about things and seem to always be hiding things... never straight answers when asked. Im freaked about hot girls now because i feel like they need sexual attention from more than one guy. Which leads to cheating. Eff that

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  • dude just move on its a drama queen forget about her

  • You two are the king and queen of drama. This is too painful to even hear about. You are obviously not old enough to have a mature relationship so stop taking any of this seriously.


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