My ex boyfriend broke up with me because?

My ex boyfriend broke up with me because I'm "not healthy and active like he is and I'm rubbing off him making him lazy" When I first started talking to him I didn't go to gym or what not.. He inspired me and I got motivated to go. I workout with him. He thinks it's no excuses to not workout before I work at night shift. He doesn't understand I need to rest and nap or I won't be able to function at work. I thought he would understand because he is an insomniac. I was honest with him from the start of my lifestyle... Do you ladies and gents think it's a BS excuse? Is it me or do you think he's controlling and manipulative? I don't know why he is still following me on Instagram...


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  • to me a former night shift worker, its a BS excuse. He sounds like he wants to control you and make you an insomniac too

    • Thanks for your input. I spend some of my off nights with him.. I work 12 hr shifts 3 times a week as I do patient care in the hospital. He has also told me about about his frustration of my schedule and suggested I should work day shift. I've been working night shift for about 10 years now. I've know him 3 months and only been exclusive for 1 month. He knew this info from the start.

    • yeah you shouldn't change, i worked nihts for 6 years as a baker and changing to days was so difficult that even now i dont sleep

    • i am sure you will meet someone who understands :) feel free to pm me if you ever fancy a chat :)

  • He is stupid and made it up because I think he might want a gymnast as his girlfriend.


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