My now married ex has been texting me?

I was with this girl for about 3 years. Most all aspects of our relationship were great, but broke up with her because her lack of sex became an issue and the stem of many arguments. A year after we broke up she was married and shortly after that had a baby. Now, not super often but once, twice a month or more she texts me. Casual stuff but always with something like "I think about you every day" what's going on here? Should I ignore her? Is she looking to have an affair? Is it harmless. I have a girlfriend now in which the sex is great (anytime/anything I want) but most other areas of the relationship are lacking.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Put her NOW Out of your Life, Out of your Mind and Off your pay no mind list here, dear.
    I smell Trouble in Paradise with her and her hubby and in a Relationship rut with Babes in Toyland to boot.
    She is looking for some loving that she now is willing to spread. She has realized that all of a sudden she is hot to trot from the blast from her past and wants To... Make up for lost time.
    Don't give her your time of day or mess up the good thing that You have now.
    Good luck. xx


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What Girls Said 3

  • I would say ignore her but I'm actually curious why she's doing it and would love to know

  • If she's married she could get you in trouble so just be careful ! :)

  • I'd tell her to stop. Because she's married and has a baby. And after that ignore her.

    • But I kind of like the attention.

    • You don't need to do that. She has a child. And she is married. That child deserves to have its father in its life growing up. So the child don't have to worry about who's house it's gonna be at for holidays.

    • Good point.

What Guys Said 4

  • do not respond. do not indulge her. whatever she is feeling she needs to figure it out on her own... she's got a family and husband so she needs to take care of things in her life rather than what she's doing.

    as for you if your relationship with your girlfriend is lacking then maybe you need to move on, but it shouldn't be a decision based at all on anything having to do with your ex

  • You don't want to be tag guy... the guy that causes her to cheat and ruin her marriage. Besides it's not fair to your current boy girl friend or her husband. You're 44 you should know better. Although I can't blame you the attention is great but the fallout is worse.

  • Run dude. run girl be cray cray.

  • You need to ignore her... unless you want to jeopardize your relationship and her marriage with a kid. I think the price is way too high!


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