How do I tell if my boyfriend is cheating on me or not?

my boyfriend is such a sweetheart, but there are all these rumors that he cheated on me over winter break. apparently a girl gave him head and he made out with a guy! I talked to him but he said he didn't do it. I don't know what I should do!


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  • That's the problem with rumors, half the time they can be unfounded and false. If he hasn't cheated before and hasn't in the past in another relationship then he is probably being truthful. When you spoke to him, was he calm, reassuring and seem to lay your concerns to rest. Or, was he angry, defensive, stumbling over his words and making up lame excuses? How has his behavior been in the relationship? Has he disappeared and not called for a few days? Has he pulled away from you physically or emotionally? Have you sensed any distance between you both? Have your phone convos been short and sound like he is interested in speaking with you?

    If you can answer yes to most of the questions I posed above then there is a chance the rumor is true. If you answered no to most of the question then it's fair to say he didn't. I dated a serial cheater when I was in high school. Those are some classic signs that he might be cheating.

  • Well, all you can do is go with your instincts. I would say overall a woman (or girl's) instincts are usually right. Of course, since it would be instincts and not facts, the most that would come of it is that you would stop seeing him. Not like you can prove what he did unless you had a highly reliable friend who told you she saw him doing this.

    At your age people are still trying to find themselves and sexual temptation is at it's peak for guys. It can take a saint sometimes to not give in if they are partying and having fun and the opportunity presents itself. Even sweethearts can make these choices at your age, but of course made-up rumors also happen at your age.

    You may just need to let it go and see if anything comes up in the future.


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