Have you ever gotten so sad/hurt/angry from your SO in the street, that you left him and walked away to home?

say it is something that they did, and it has really hurt you, and by confronting them they appeared to be guilty of, so you got so sad and hurt almost crying, and had nothing to do but to walk away, did you?


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  • I had just passed my driving test and my SO was just being a nightmare, criticising every little thing I did, being a patronising twat. So I stopped the car in the middle of the street, got out, threw the keys at him and told him to go fuck himself. I then walked to work. It was that or punch him in the face :)

    • hahaha, did he apologize later?

    • No he didn't, I've only driven with him in the car once since then. He is an atrocious passenger, always slamming his foot into the imaginary break. I'm honestly not a bad driver, he is a far worse driver than me. He is a courier so he tailgates people constantly, never uses his indicators, drives WAAAAY too fast. People have told me I'm not a bad driver. He's just always super critical of anything I do.

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  • Yes walked miles home. She was touching another man in front of me then denied it

    • oh i am sorry for that, did shetry to hold you back from walking away?, did she apologize later? did u forgive her

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    • dude, what happened after you took her back? could you trust her? are you still together?

    • We lasted about another week and she was acting very cold to me and distant. Starting arguments for no reason over something stupid, hiding her phone, getting defensive when i asked her simple questions, coming home late with goofy excuses, acting weird (constantly moving around the house doing things & avoiding me), treating me like shït, not giving me hugs or kisses when coming home from work or going to work, avoiding alone time with me, not inviting me to go with her to places, she was started asking my schedule for work, she would dress up and look very sexy when she went out, less time for me in general, didn't ask how my day was or didn't even ask anything anymore, found mens deodorant in her cabinet, found a towel with cum stains and it wasn't from me, found her snapchat blowing up at 3am from some dude, she deleted texts, she had a second phone i had no idea about (left in her car), won't hold my hand in public near people she may know, she wouldn't introduce me to anyone.

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