Does anyone agree with me on this? Any feedback? Relatable stores?

I am a 22 year old girl and have been dating a 23 year old guy for a year now. It was my first very serious relationship and he was the most caring, generous, honest and all around perfect guy. He met every check on my checklist and shared all my values. He was the exact man I wanted to marry one day. But i broke up with him over a fight that was his fault two days ago. I saw it as the perfect time to exit the relationshp without telling him the real reason I was breaking up with him. I just dont feel that "spark" about him. When I look at him, I see an amazing person with a good heart. But I dont have that feeling of "WANT" with him when he's around. I caught myself feeling so horrible when I would look at other men and find them attractive while I was with him. He should be the one I always want to choose no matter where I am. I felt so guilty all the time. He was so in love with me and treated me like gold. Im trying to convince myself that having that "spark" is worth giving up a great guy. It's the one feeling in the world that should be easy and just make you feel like nothing else can. I keep telling myself that I'll only remember this life once and ill only get to be myself once. When I die I won't remember anything... so life should be worth living the feeling that I can control.

Any advice? Comments? Similar experiences?


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  • Wow... but hey i understand. Those are rare to find misses but if you dont find him attractive then its just not going to work im afraid. Been there done that but i never found a girl that i could say i checked all check boxes though


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  • i agree with you!


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