Did I make the right decision?

I dated this girl for 3 years and yesterday I broke it off due to trust issues and arguing all the time. I really really did not want it to come to this because she was the love of my life and hearing her cry like she did will forever be burned into my memory. I don't know if I have made the right decision 😣 Somebody help me. It hurts so much


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  • What are some exaples of y'all arguments?

    What are your examples of trust issues, what did she do?

    • Just stupid little arguments usually

      And because she cheated on me twice...

    • Yes, you have done right thing. Now its time of healing. Dude you're strong. You made this far. Now to get over this you know you gotta keep the mind busy 24/7. you'll think about her every no and again but then you just get up organize your place until your tired. For example. Your mind will be distracted.

    • DUDE eff that! SHE CHEATED ON YOU! ! And TWICE!!! You definitely did the right thing. You should have left her as you knew she cheated. That is the ultimate betrayal. If she loved you she wouldn't do shit like that.

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  • i think it was right.


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