Girls, is this normal?

My ex & I had a terrible breakup. It was bad. Took me a few months to see through her lies & realize she cheated on me. My question is, why does she still have me on snapchat? I deleted her off it, off facebook & Twitter, and she the same, however she won't delete my snapchat. I've asked her too & she still hasn't, so I see her username viewing each of my stories, every single one. I have no idea how to restrict it to friends only, and even then I wouldn't do it. May be immature, but it's a little satisfying knowing she still peers into my life, even if it's as subtle as this. Is it normal for an ex-girlfriend to want to be nosy, to want to know what's sort of going on in your life? Is that what's happening here? I've moved on but I'm still a little hurt at the betrayal & everything she said to me. Not looking for, "who cares" answers. Thanks


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  • Let her... This is a good way for you to get closure. She is looking because she still cares... What I suggest is maybe show everyone how happy you are without her, eventually she will soon get sick.

    • Last time I talked to her was a month ago & she was telling me she moved on & was annoyed that I couldn't (Did have a hard time tbh). We have been broken up since June & only dated for 3 months, so I don't see why she'd still want to know what's going on in my life.

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    • Don't see why she would be torturing me, as I never did anything to her. Oh well

    • because she can... :(

  • There are many people who say you can continue a relationship after being cheated on or doing the cheating. They claim that it’s possible to move on from that dark period and continue to love each other just the same as you first did when those three magical words entered the relationship.

    The truth is that a relationship dies once you step outside of it, particularly in your case. It was your first love and first loves always come with a strong sense of innocence and vulnerability. The more open you are, the more it will hurt when someone betrays you like she did. Once your trust is broken it’s almost impossible to get that naive wide eyed feeling back.

    It’s always a good idea to never fully trust someone until they prove that they are worthy of your trust. Blind faith will get you hurt over and over again unless you are extremely lucky.

    Good luck, anon.

    • Spot on, I did have that naive love towards her, however I could tell she had that towards me also. She's had a few more relationships than I have also, but I could tell she had that school girl love about me also. Was very shocked to find out she cheated, however im not interested in her at all, as she completely broke my trust & my loyalty. Another girl deserves it. However, I'm wondering still, why would someone who was so cruel to me, still want a thin line of communication?

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