If you miss someone so badly some months after you dumped them, is that a sign to go get them back?

I ended our 2 year relationship because I didn't feel the desire anymore, I didn't miss him while we were apart. I wanted to be alone. And I had sex with someone else, which didn't feel good. My ex was still around talking to me, but a month ago he told me he can't be around anymore and he disappeared. I miss him terribly! I miss being in his arms and cuddling and laughing with him, I want him to hug me so tight and never let me go. I want to have sex with him like I never desired before! I can't imagine him with someone else. I can't imagine me with someone else either. I don't know what happened to me or why did it happen I was madly in love with him from the start. People always say second chances never work out, is that really true? What should I do? If we get back together, how do I prevent this from happening again?


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  • Be sure you want to get back together before you tell him that otherwise you will just hurt him more. Ask to meet up for coffee to catch up and see how you feel when you see him in person.
    It does sound to me like it could be worth a second try


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