Guys, why would you compliment an ex?

So here's the brief. Broke up about 5 months ago, haven't been in contact. He initiated it but I had wanted us to break up and agreed it was best and ended it on good terms.

Recently we saw each other in passing (there wasn't time for either of us to stop in this situation). As he was walking by me he says "Wow, look at you! you look amazing!"
I said thanks and at this point he had already walked past me, but I turned around and he was straight up checking me out with a *gigantic* grin on his face. Like the exact same way he used to look at me when we were together and I looked great.

So why would he say that? I'm guessing most exes would just smile and say hello at most just to be freindly, or say nothing at all?


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  • Because he is still attracted to you, but I'm guessing you already knew that. So why do you care?

    • I didn't know that, that's why I was asking this question actually

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    • Hmm okay, that's what I suspected. Actually he was the one to initiate it so that's why it's a little more confusing

    • My bad, I misread the sentence. Still stands though, at the very least he remains attracted to you. You guys are amicable, no harm in spending a little time with him.

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