Dealing with a breakup: what's the best first step?

I'm pretty awesome so I frequently forget that I can actually be broken up with instead of doing the breaking up. Anyway it happened to me at school today so what's your first step to moving on and meeting new people of the opposite sex?

I haven't been broken up with since high school so I kind of forgot what it felt like. It's not as bad as that first one but I could really see myself with this woman.

Please give me some advice G@G. I have a test coming up and part of me wants to bail but part of me wants to maintain my grades. Blahhhhhhhhh!


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  • I think the first step is to feel the pain, and not try to do as if nothing happened, because the sooner you accept that things are over with this person, the sooner you'll be able to move on.

    • Thanks for the advice.

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  • Remind yourself of her negative traits. Focusing on all of the things that you don’t like about her can help you to get over the breakup faster. Try making a list of all of the things she did that you did not like.

    For example, maybe she often burped loudly after dinner, or made plans without you, or forgot your birthday. List every little thing that bothered you about her.

    Good luck.

  • First of all i would cut off all contact.
    Then feel the pain and indeed what the comments bellow said: think negative about her.
    Try dating/meeting new girls, meet up with your friends more often.
    Do things you couldn't do.


What Guys Said 1

  • Realising that while it sucks that dwelling on it gets you nowhere, wishing it didn't end won't make it so and if they broke up with you it's because they don't want to be in a relationship with you for whatever reason. I've become somewhat ruthless, I cut my losses i've even dated quicker than the person who broke up with me... the irony being that they were pissed I wasn't more upset it's like you broke up with me why you pissed?


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