Is he just leading me on or do I really have a chance?

OK so I have a crush on this guy. we had 2 classes together this semester and we started getting close towards the end of the semester. one of the classes was a joke with a bunch of projects that we always worked on together. the other class was extremely hard. we would stay up until 4am trying to study but we never really got any studying done. instead we would talk and get to know each other better. were both from different states and go to school together.

anyway, one drunken night I confessed my love to him. and to my surprise he liked me back...a lot. only one problem, he has a girlfriend of 4 years.

what confuses me is that he tells me how much he likes me and that he thinks about me even wen he's with her we are constantly texting and he says the cutest stuff to me. I have fallen so hard for him and he tells me how he's never felt this way about anyone, not even his girl friend, so why is he still with her?

he said he needs to figure stuff out but he doesn't wanna loose me. she doesn't go to our school so we hangout all the time alone. he tells me that they fight all the time and he doesn't know what to do anymore. so here's my question: is he just leading me on or do I really have a chance?


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  • well 4 year relationship is hard to break off, even if he does, the chances of him getting back to her are pretty high (cause of all the memories and stuff). plus he is still with her, that means he's not sure about you. he likes you, but doesn't necessarily think you can replace his girl, if you know what I mean! at the same time, he's trying to keep you in so when or if he decides to end things with her, your an option for him

    I'd say YOU should be the one to decide, don't hang in there for him. give him the ultimatum that he should either choose you or forget about you. show him that your time is prescious and you don't have much of it to waste on him. only then you'll know how much he truly cares and whether he's keeping you as the second option (believe me you don't wanna be one).

    good luck


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