I don't know what to do about my ex-boyfriend and my current? help?

I used to date this guy Jonathan and we went out for 2 months and he broke up with me out of the blue and I was extremely sad Months later I started liking this guy named ray. Everything was going great and he asked me out. I later found out after ray asked me out that they were best friends. I felt so horrible I asked ray asked Jonathan if it was okay. and he said he could care less. Me and ray have been going out for 9 and half months already. Jonathan is always trying to make us break up even though they are best buds and me and Jonathan are buds too. He always flirts with me and I feel horrible. . I one of those people that aren't good at figuring out that guys are flirting with me. so ray has been getting upset but I really don't know what to do.

i don't want to stop talking to Jonathan but it feels like when I do he tries to pull me away and

ray wants me to stop talking to him completely even though we were friends before I dated ray.


why is Jonathan doing this?

and why is ray losing his mind if he knows I would never cheat on him?


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  • Guys are territorial and your ex Jonathan is flirting with you right in front of Ray showing Ray lack of respect for their friendship. Jonathan is jealous and trying to taunt Ray. Even though Ray knows you won't cheat, when your ex tries to get flirty, you need to stand by your man. Next time Jonathan says something out of line, speak up. Say, "I'd appreciate if you wouldn't speak like that,...etc." Jonathan may get embarassed if you call him out on the spot. This will curb the problem...hopefully. Good luck.


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