What if you have forgiven your so for hurting you many times , until they made the one thing you warned them not to because it would really hurt and?

totally destroy any trust for them, and still they did it, while aware of the result, will you leave them by this time as you have forgiven a lot, until they made the one thing that you yourself knew won't be able to forgive it?, wil you push yourself so much harder than you can take to forgive them again although it is the last thing they could have done to break your trust. At this time, will you see they dont deserve more chances and decide to leave?, will you fill that u will never be able to trust them again? will you leave although you love him/her?, what if they apologized and cried like every previous time, will that affect you, or you will start feeling that you have taken much more than you could possible ever do,.


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  • you will never be able to trust him again.


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