Did you ever feel guilty after going hard by shouting or crying or walking away from them to the street, on someone who has cheated/lied/hurt you?

Although my ex girlfriend has hurt me a lot, by breaking up with me to sleep with others , ignoring and insluting me at times, talking to others, not replying my texts and lying to me about guys she is talking to and i always forgave her , was dedicated to her, bought her presents. she even talked to her ex behind my back and met him twice while she lied saying she is at her parents. I still feel so guilty that u walked away from her that day when after she promised not to talk to her ex again, i found she is still talking to him, that dau i wad crying in the street and i said " you are the person who hurt me the most in my life" and i could do nothing but to push her away take a taxi and go home. I met her afterwards although i was still so hurt, and bought her agift because i felt guilty. in the end she broke up with me because i coulnt trust her and needed more time and she didn't want to give me time so she left me, since then i feel guilty that i walked away from her that day, and i feel guilty that she broke up with me.. although down myself iknow i would have never been able to be happy with her again.. what do u think?


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