Do these things mean anything in the sense that my ex and I can get back together?

I believe he keeps track of me (or tries to) via Facebook. I think he posted something on Facebook just to make me laugh because before that he posted something else but then deleted It probably thinking I wouldn't get that joke (even though I did). He still has all of our pictures up on his main page on Facebook and places we went. He wears, uses, and has stuff out In the open that I bought him. Sometimes he caves in to hanging out with me and he never gets Mad when I just pop over his place. Whenever I text him if he answers it's usually in a matter of a couple minutes. He never lies to me about where he's going or whatnot.


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  • I do have some small concerns about your popping over there, but generally it sounds like the foundation is solid. Perhaps, you should find a moment of closeness where you can be vulnerable, and the two of you can get important issues and feelings out in the open.
    Maybe you're on the same page.

    • What do you mean me popping over there? He never gets mad

    • Yeah you said that

    • So why does it concern you?

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  • There is a possibility, depending on how you both broke up.
    But there is also a chance he might see you as a 'good friend'

    • Why does he like me?

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    • it might be. i'm not sure.
      Maybe he also sees you as a close friend.

      Only thing that you can do for now: go with the flow, just be the 'you' who he fell in love with.
      Thats for now the only advice i can give :)

    • I don't check up on close friends everyday though

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  • I'm assuming he still has feelings there for you. I couldn't see any other explanation.

    • Do you think he wants me back? I just hung out with him and it was so passionate like kissing, cuddling, hand holding. I even feel asleep on him at one point.

      The only thing is I was goofing around with him when we were kissing and said I bet you miss this every night and he didn't say anything. Why didn't he say anything?

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    • Well if he doesn't want to get back together with with you then my best guess is he only wants you around for sex

    • We'll what do you think if he acted normal?

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  • i think you can get back together.

    • Why, does he like me?

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