How do you do a quick French manicure?

help please?


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  • materials:

    -clear polish

    -french color polish

    -white polish (pref. thin brush type) or pen

    -nail file

    For a quick manicure, make sure your nails are cut and free of old polish. buff them up a bit. File them to make sure they are not jagged or uneven. Start with the clear nail polish and apply 1 coat to each nail. wait to dry. apply french manicure color (pink, tan, cream) two coats on each nail. Wait in between coats to dry. Take white polish or pen and carefully glide it over tips of nails, not too thickly. you may have to use french manicure nail strip stickers to help you if you don't have a steady hand. Let dry. Apply final clear coat and your ready to go!

    hope that helped =)


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