My ex boyfriend trying to get my attention or?

So, me and my ex-boyfriend (broke up 12 of july) had a argument last week which lead us to no contact anymore.
Reason? He got mad at me why because i asked why i couldn't join a game with him.
(before that we played together a lot of league of legends just on friendly terms and then suddenly he didn't want me to join)
I asked him why and he lied about it, i tried to get clear answer but then he got mad and deleted me from everywhere.

Right now, he is copying my music taste, watching idols show which i LIKE.
Next week i'm going to a LAN party with some friends (also his friends)
He staded that he didn't want to go because of me (2 months ago) and claimed his money back.
His reason: 'boring, went many times, time for something new' so i respected him and he told me i could go.
So, now i noticed he is trying to find tickets to go with his friend all of the sudden.
Maybe i'm overthinking but is his reason because of me he's going? trying to contact me personally?
Checking i won't go with any guys or something?
We haven't seen eachother for 2 months now.


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What Guys Said 1

  • y'all need to stop contacting each other, end of story.

    • problem is we have same friendgroup. we can't really 'avoid'

    • I got that sense. But how much contact do you keep with others of the friend group? Your history is... history, and your relations did not and aren't working out. So, be polite and whatnot, but you don't need any more contact than the minimum. Where you go is not his business, you don't need to stop, or inform him of your actions, or explain them.

    • I do talk to 2 out of the 5 daily, others i talk maybe once a week.
      I do play games with them and sometimes meet up with them, but not like before.
      When they meet up my ex is almost always there and he doesn't want me to join.
      I'm okay with that, but now like i said he is trying to go to a LAN Party even tho I'M < there which i don't get.
      He is trying to avoid me at all cost and now he suddenly wants to go there.
      I don't talk about what i am doing to him or anything, we haven't even spoke to eachtoher for a week now.
      I keep hearing things about him from our friends and probally they'll do the same to him.

What Girls Said 1

  • he wants you back.

    • what exacly makes you think that? he haven't spoke to me for a week now..

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