Why Can't I Get Over Him?

I had feelings for. this guy for 4 years when he was leaving my school at the end of summer I called him up and told him I love him. Me and him have been friends all those years but something always told me this is more because every min he saw me he would smile and I didn't understand. And he would flirt with me and bump into me coincidentally or on purpose because it was all the time no matter where. Every where I turn I hear his name and it drives me crazy that I started hating his name. He broke things off with me telling me he's not the same person and its time to move on
Anyways I got over him for half of my school year last year and recently the last week of August out of no where I started having dreams and thoughts about him and now I'm focused on my work so I'm not entirely worried about him but I hate this pattern. And I want to get over him why can't I move on?


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  • try to find someone else.


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