How do I break up with my boyfriend over text?

Ok before you all start thinking that I'm a terrible person wait. I've put a lot of thought into it, and I know I have to.

So so I met him two months ago... On tinder... Not my best decision. Anyway my parents hate him, and they hate that I'm with him. (That's not why I'm breaking up with him though) I moved away for school, he lives 4 hours away, I'm tired of the long distance. And him ignoring me all day. And then calling me in the evenings being all like "oh I miss you" it isn't worth it anymore. Also I'm more of a "good girl" like I'm a vergin, and have never done anything with a guy before. And he isn't quite that way. So The most we've don is make out, and he likes to play with my boobs lol. And I know that I shouldn't let him do that, because of the way I was raised.

I I guess I came to the conclusion that I need to end it when I told him I was coming home for the weekend, and he wasn't going to make the effort to see me. And then he proceeded to tell me that he was going to be gone for work for the next month so I better figure out a way to see him. "Im sorry but I can't come to see you, and you have 'other plans' the so you can't see me" I need to find someone else... Maybe I already have. I don't know.
NOTE: my parents won't let me go to his house because he lives alone, he's 3 years older than me, and they think we'd do stuff
Also I'm 18.

Anyway I have tried to break up with him once before and he convinced me not to. And he always says "we will find a way to make it work"

he is honestly an amazing guy, but he just isn't the one for me. How can I break up with him over text. Please give me advice. Or lines to say. Or anything!!

NOTE: I know I can't break up with him over phone. It won't work.


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  • First of all, with regards to him playing with your boobs, saying to yourself you shouldn't allow something is shaming yourself. Anytime you tell yourself there's something you ought to do or should do says that there are forces more important than internal factors at play in your decision. You must embrace your role in your own actions, so perhaps a better response is 'I don't like him doing that,' or 'I would like to stop him,' or simply 'which makes me uncomfortable.'

    But back to your question, based on your reasons for wanting to break up with him, I suggest you simply do so- in your mind - and wait for your new behaviour to come up in conversation. If you're not worth his time, he's not worth the stress. Just let him know that he has missed out- when it's convenient.
    He will still try to change your mind, and it's up to you to let him, but it's him that needs to find a way to make it work, not the 'we' he suggests.


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  • Honestly, I would tell him that despite the efforts that you are putting into the relationship, and lack of effort he is putting into it, the relationship is not going to work out. You've enjoyed the relationship you two shared but the distance is starting to get to you and you think you two should go your separate ways. This is not guaranteed to work, and he may try to start a fight over it or convince you to stay with him, but be stern and stick to your guns.


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  • You dont you talk face to face being a real stand up person

    • ... I'm not going to see him for the next month, maybe a month and a half. I thought of that already.

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    • 2 or 3 weeks ago

    • Oh ok well do it on the phone voice to voice then

  • I thought you were a terrible person as soon as I read the question

    • Oops my bad. He was the bad guy not me. And what's done is done.

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