I don't get our relationship. Am I wasting my time trying to get to know this guy?

I met a guy (he's 27 and I'm 22) on a cruise recently and since then (last April) we started to talk to each other through text and online.

The first two months we emailed each other to get to know one another a bit better then we had a falling out. Then he started to talk to me again sometime in July and then he ended up coming into town for his business trip and we ended up meeting up. We briefly talked about meeting up for a movie and a dinner somewhere in between where we live (he lives 1.5 hours away from me).

Then we had a little falling out again, until one day in August he called me late at night out of the blues and we talked for a bit. I ended up going up to his town and we had our first dinner and movie date.

Afterwards he didn't contact me back for about 3 months then in December he started to talk to me again online. Over winter break we started to text each other back and forth and message each other. He would jokingly say things like "when are you gonna come and see me?" or "come over! we'll party!" Because I wanted to get to know him better I decided to go see him on my way down for school because he's sort of on the way. When I went over to his house hoping that we'll go on some sort of a date or get to know each other a bit more I was surprised because he had his roommates there and they were all chilling.

I ended up just hanging out with all of them and it was cool. I still wish that I could've gotten to know him a little better.

What I don't understand is our relationship. I'm too afraid to be the one that makes the initiative to text him or message him online so I always wait until he makes his move then I reciprocate. I'm wondering if I'm wasting my time... I'm not sure if I'm getting played or if there is something between us.


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  • Sometimes, you just have to straight-up talk about it. Decide what you want out of the relationship, if anything, and act accordingly. If you're hooking up with him and that's not all you want, then don't do it anymore until he shows interest beyond that. Best of luck.


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  • make ur move ,if you think matter is not going ur way

    don't waste time and move on

    make a move or move on


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