Ex got back in touch?, so genuinely confused?

I was with a guy in 2009/2010, we was extremely close and he did love me a lot, we went though a lot together, he played a part on my sons life for a while (not his child).. we then got back together for a while in 2012 then split for good, I haven't seen or spoken to him since 2012 apart from very briefly a few years ago, anyway he's now got a girlfriend and two children, I go on Facebook tonight and he's added me as a friend I asked why he's added me and he said he was just seeing how I was and that his girlfriend knows i was a big part of his life and asked me how things were with me and that just because his life is how it is now dsnt mean he isn't going to see how I am... I'm genuinely confused as to why he would get in touch? To potentially drag it all up again with him having a girlfriend and two kids..


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  • He's not dragging anything up; he's moved on and is now at a place where he can look back.
    If this feels like things have been / are in danger of being dragged up, then you have some unresolved issues from the relationship, and you should talk to someone about them.
    That person should not be him. You should not talk about your past relationship with him AT ALL until you are at a place where, like him, you have moved past it and are able to see him as a human separate from that time in your life.

  • Sentimentality

    • Indeed. Been there, done that. It was only sentimentality. I dumped them without shedding tears but I still have friendly feelings.

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