My ex won't talk to me... help?

Okay so here's the situation... I had this sort of summer fling with this one guy from my school. I've liked him for the whole year, so of course I was thrilled when he said he liked me back and we started going out. When we actually started to date, we both went out of town and didn't see each other at all right after. We kept in touch by texting for a few days, but then he went to this camp and told me we could talk in the evenings, but never replied to my texts (even though he could watch my snapchat story). He finally replied after a couple of days and said he was too busy to respond? I really wanted to see him though, so I was like "yeah thats fine:) do you wanna hang out tomorrow?" and then right after that he broke up with me over text. He told me he still wanted to be friends, so I agreed and we hung out one more time and it was normal, but a little awkward. Then school started and I have gym with him (yeah high school:/) and he literally has acted like I don't exist and hasn't said a word to me. I'm not sure if I should try talking to him or just leave it be. I've been getting really depressed over this lately, because I've liked him for so long and he means so much to me and it just sucks that he could just break up with me like that totally out of the blue... What should I do? Is it possible that we could still have a relationship?


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  • He's your EX, forget about him, forget that he even exists


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