Will he ever call me?

I broke up with my boyfriend a month and a half ago after being together in 9 months. We broke up once before at the 7-month mark because he found out that I had lied about cheating on him in the beginning of the relationship. I kissed a guy once and met up with him for a month before realizing that I wanted to be with my boyfriend. I was scared of commitment and immature in the beginning and messed up. I never told my boyfriend because I thought it was just a fling and I was scared if I told him he would leave but when he confronted me about it later on, he got angry and told me 'if you told me, yes I would've left you'. After he found out, he started to get distant from me, hanging out with me less and giving me the cold shoulder. I started to panic and got needy and clingy to the point he was scared to tell me he was going out with friends. He then broke up with me. So for a month, I begged and cried to him every week asking to get back together. He then started saying hurtful things to me like, 'I don't care what you do, I don't care if you see other guys, I just don't care anymore'. After I decided it was enough of me begging, I decided to give him back the first gift he gave me. He called me the next day asking to meet up. He said that it hurt him when I gave him back the gift he gave to me, and he wanted to try the relationship one more time. However, it was pretty rocky during the two months when we got back together. I still felt like he was still distancing himself away from me and his best friend hates me because he told her everything that happened. So I got worried because he would hang out and talk with her more than me, and when I asked him if he could talk to her about me, he would refuse. I would also ask him if he loved me, and he would say 'I don't know if I do', and also if he trusted me, and he would say 'no'. I would also ask him if he saw us in a long-term relationship, he would say 'I don't know'. I felt insecure in the relationship as he was


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  • ahh see that what exactly happens when one of the partners decide to risk the relationship he/she wants for something trivial , it causes distrust, hurts your partner and make them really uncomfortable.. it is a classic scenario of breaking trust, maybe you see it as just a fling but for him it means that at times he was sleeping thinking you are at work but you were dressing up to meet another dude... unfortunately you have nothing to do but to give up, take a time alone and learn from your mistake.. because he will always feel very uncomfortable with you, will always be scared and will never be able to be with you.. you will end uo hurting each other a lot.. j. how did he find out?,


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