Not a good day for me overall. Words of wisdom?

For one I broke up with my girl. She was acting really distant and uncaring towards me. Whenever I went to talk to her about it she would get defensive and snippy. It was like every time I spoke to her, my heart had ice cream scoops being taken out. That, added with the fact that she got snappy whenever I confronted her about it, didn't make anything easy to swallow. So today I figured I had enough. I walked up to her after study hall and told her we needed a break. The amount of hurt in her eyes that I saw when I had said that was enormous and it tore me further just seeing it. After that, I got a text from her friend saying that the reason my ex was being distant was because apparently I was being distant so she was giving me space so she wouldn't hurt me. After school, I talked to that same friend (who happens to also be my best friend). She said that she had to take my ex to guidance where there was a lot of bawling out of the eyes involved. It really made me hate myself knowing I hurt her so much. My friend said she didn't think either of us were in the wrong, which brought me some comfort.

When I look at the whole thing it's odd.
On one hand I did have strong feelings for my ex, but on the other hand our relationship was downright pathetic at best. I'm not sure the relationship is worth going after again but realizing how much she cares about me and how much I hurt her over a misunderstanding makes me kind of want her back. I'm so confused.

Oh and to put a tip on everything, just when I started to distract myself from all this, I saw a post from my long time crush about how hot military guys are.

I am officially and emotionally dead.


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  • life is like a box of crayons


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  • Here's a small tidbit of wisdom for you. You need to have some closure with your newly created ex. You find a way to sit down with her, face to face and explain why you did what you did. While you feel guilty, it is not entirely your fault and you owe her more of an explanation including how you felt and how you feel now.


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