Tell my boyfriend I want to move with him?

I've been seeing my boyfriend since the summer, and have really fallen for him. He's leaving in June for work and from the beginning we've always said we would break up when that time comes as neither of us is interested in trying long distance.

My problem is that I really want to go with him. I'm at a point in my own career where I would like to find a new job anyway, but how do I bring it up? We've always talked about how breaking up is inevitable. I know he's really invested in the relationship right now but my fear is that he thinks of it as "temporary"?


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  • How far away is the move?

    before bringing it up with him, I would look at job opportunities there, and housing for yourself. I would also express how you feel about him before telling him your ideas. have you told each other you love one another? that way you know how invested he really is in this relationship.


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  • I think that the next time the subject comes up about him moving and the inevitable break up you should just casually mention how you don't have to that you have been think of making a career change anyway and possibly moving away. See what he would be a good way to ease into the conversation and get his input without actually saying I want to go with you.

  • Although I'm a lot younger, I'm experiencing a similar situation at the moment. I'm making decisions about what to do when I'm finished school atm, and my boyfriend wants to go abroad to volunteer. While I want to stay here and go to college, I can't motivate myself to feel strongly about that anymore because all I really want is to be with him.

    It's different for me, because you're in a place where going with your boyfriend would be feasible, but I just wanted to say I empathise!

    I think, as previously suggested, you should research a bit, though when bringing it up with him you shouldn't be obvious about quite how much research you did!

    Anyway, best of luck. I hope you figure it out!


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