Have you ever regretted leaving an ex?, please read?

I was with my fiance for 3 years, we had an amazingly close relationship, we was engaged, living together and he had brought my son up as his own for 3 years. My ex and my sons bond was amazing. We had just booked our wedding for next year and told everyone.

3 weeks after we booked our wedding my ex left me, he turned very nasty, I then found out I was pregnant and he demanded I had a termination, I did in the end, he refused to speak to me from from a few days after he left and would only have contact with my dad to sort the house bits.

5 weeks after we split he had a new girlfriend turns out she is his ex from 2007 time, he's has some relationships since her and she's got a child (who is the same age as my son). I was broken.

So I wondered, has anyone ever regretted leaving their partner (not EVER saying before anyone says I want my ex to come back).

Has anyone gone left with the mindset the 'grass is greener' and then realised it isn't and faced some karma and then realised you made a mistake?


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  • Not me personally, but I've never had a situation like your guy did. It sounds very abrupt and its actually hard for me to imagine that things were going that well for you guys before he left. But I'm sure its possible for guys to regret doing a break up like this.

    • But they were, we was still having family days out, he was sharing quotes ok Facebook (seems pointless saying that) one saying 'i will love you till the day I forget who you are' and two old people in the picture, we has only just booked our wedding.. for him to have a new girlfriend so quick seems to sudden :/

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    • Its likely that he intended to do it, but probably the pressure from the wedding and marriage got to him so he backed out. Not saying it was right that's just what he did. While I'm sure that this was very hard on you and your son you can probably see now you might be better off having him filtered out of your life.

    • So there is a good chance once the cloud hanging over him leaves him he might end up regretting his choice and what he did?

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  • He is the one who broke up but I am the one who cut off contact and I do not regret it. I miss him sometimes but he was abusive and I feel much better without him.

    • what the thing he did i mean why he abuse you

    • He was insulting me and slut-shaming me because he had serious trust issues, and simply because he needed someone to let out his anger on.

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  • i remember that feeling when i left my ex and walked away i was thinking what am i doing and it took me awhile to move on

    • Did you start seeing anyone in that time?

  • Sounds like there's more to this story than he just turned nasty and left.

    • What do you mean?

    • What caused him to leave and be honest was it all him or did you two have arguments, too busy ect?

    • I don't know, he said it was because I was a visit him of cheating when I wasn't.. he had only just booked our wedding off his own back two weeks before not the actions of a man unhappy.. he left then I found out I was pregnant that's when he turned nasty tried to make me homeless etc

  • I remember I felt this way... like a day before my ex broke up with me.. because we weren't able to talk as much as I wanted and for other reasons.. so I was strongly thinking it... then I started saying things to her.. not bad things but annoying things... so I felt like even though she brokeup with me.. That I basically pushed her to the point

    • How did my ex move on so quick?

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