It really sure what to think about my ex?

Hey, so my girlfriend broke up with me about a week ago. Her reasons for it were very vague and it was all basically the whole "it's not you its me" thing. Unfortunately I'm not able to do the whole no contact thing since we have classes together in college and have group work together. Anyway, the only time I talk to her is when it's about school or projects we're workin on. But what has kinda got me scratching my head is when I hurt my back she went an hour out of her way to bring me food and whatever else I needed even after I told her she didn't have to and other pepole were going to do it. Also when I have texted her about our project she ends up telling me what she's doing, or how work is going for her and asks about how I'm feeling with my back and things like that. And then on top of that her family has even contacted me and told me they want things to workout. I want her back and am willing to fight for
Not really sure what to think about my ex?


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  • She stills cares for you, she just feels she can't continue a romantic relationship with you. Sometimes people don't feel that connection and it was good of her to leave and not drag something on that wasn't working for her. She wants to have you in her life though. If that doesn't make you happy, then don't be friends with her any more.

    I think trying to get her back is like trying to ride a dead horse. It's not going to work if she's not feeling it and if she did take you back, she may begin to feel the same again eventually and end it again, doubling the heart break. Try to move on. She may change her mind one day but let her decision remain.


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