Should I break up with my boyfriend now, because I know we are going to break up in a couple months anyway?

We are going separate ways. we will be miles away because of our jobs. We have no plans of seeing each other ever again and our paths are highly unlikely to cross. I love him though. But knowing that we will have to break up is jeopardizing our time now together. I just cry all the time to him. Should I break up with him now to prepare myself before we leave? At least I have my friends here.


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  • If you REALLY love each other, 'jobs' should never cause you to separate permanently. Try to work things out, because love is really hard to find in the current era. But if you feel there is absolutely no way to make it work (which I surely don't believe, because there is ALWAYS a way), then do break up right now.


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  • why break up , you can go ldr and save money to meet every few months

  • is there any other problems?


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