Should I move on?

Me and my girlfriend have been dating for a while now. And ever since we've started dating, we have had a lot of problem's. In high school, i was the jock, the player, the popular kid. And basically she was the shy, pretty girl. And i really liked her. I asked her out and we dated for 5 months. Within those months of senior year, we had a lot of trouble. I found out that her and her ex were still kissing and talking around the time we started dating, and my parents and her parents never liked each other. Causing the cops to be called a lot. Within all of this, i never left her side, and i was in love fir the first time. Then in December she dumped me because of all the problems. And i found out she was talking to another guy, it broke my heart. Soon after we stsrted dating again. And went on for a whole year. Then she dumped me again, stating that she wanted to be free to do whatever she wanted to without any problems from me. I gave her space, but then we started dating again. With a lot of arguements happening, she started going bacl to her old ways. Smoking weed, and doing whatever she wanted. She started believing in some religion or belief called taoism and has basically turned her back on Me. I tried to convince her that she's hurting me and that I've thrown away a lot in life for this. But nothing seems to work. She tells me she doesn't see a future with me and it all seems too strange and quick for her to say.


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  • Just move on. That is way too much drama for a girl when you could be with another girl who doesn't mess you around like this.


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  • She's not ready for commitment, and even worse, even if she was, she still wouldn't see a future with you, as you said at the end.

    If you want a stable relationship, your best bet is to drop this girl at this point. I think your girlfriend is suffering somewhat from a phenomenon called "GIGS", which is very normal. Look it up. "Grass-Is-Greener Syndrome". Very common for relationships under 25, which is why marriages have a significantly less chance of working if the two involved got married before one of them was 25 years old, statistically. And this is why dating under 25 seems to be the most sporadic and all over the place with a lot of drama. The prefrontal cortex is still not developed fully.

    The best attitude to have is a) avoid scarcity (check out myTake: and b) go into every relationship with a, "Hope for the best; prepare for the worst," attitude and basically don't be too concerned about the outcome, and just enjoy them while they last rather than having a lot of expectations.


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  • Yes, you should move on. In fact, you should have moved on long back. Anyway, better late then never. You deserve better, man! Forget about her.


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