How do I overcome my Hatred of Lesbians?

My Mother left my Father when I was 11 to be with her "Girlfriend".
She won full custody over me and my sister. After which the "new family" moved across the country.

My father always tried to keep in touch but my mother's lover convinced my mom it was best for us to not see him.
I always hated her lover and also my mother for leaving my father.

Growing up I never had a male influence, no one to teach me about "man things".
And having too mothers did not help and caused many problems in my life.

I know its wrong to hate all lesbian kind but how do I overcome my hate?


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  • Damn that sucks! Your mom and mother in law are so damn mean!! Your daddy always wanted to be with you and visit you !! But Nooooooo... They did not let you :( I am sorry!!! The best thing to do is, to keep moving on. The passed is gone... What you should try doing is go visit your real dad and just create great memories with him.. Now its not too late go spend time with him... Good luck :)

    • Ummmm just saying it isn't a mother in law... It would mother's girlfriend or his stepmom

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    • Aww thanks :) and yeah... I love my daddy.. I tell him " love you" lol haha so he knows that I love him very much... I know you never had a male figure because your dad was not with you... Just know that your daddy always loved you and wanted to be with you... It was not his fault for what happens... Hope that in the future when you get married. And have kids.. Be there for them.

    • Haha thanks!

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  • well.. if you really need to discuss this then you need pro help.. but from what i see you can't really stop hating them.. cuz you have had this feeling for too long.. and you think this is the cause of many problems you had...

    • My mother's partner actually caused many problems in my life and in a way manipulated my mother!

    • yeah so you probably won't overcome this.. but what you can do is move out.. and start your own life..

  • Honestly go see a therapist

    • How might that help?

    • They are good at addressing irrational problems and how to fix it

    • Hmm... well I've not previously considered it but it may help me with other affaires also.

  • This is an honest question, but have you tried Jesus? I know what unadulterated hate is. It feels like a rock in the pit of your stomach and it grows and it permeates to the point you swear you can feel it in every vein. Hate is a cancer and it will eat you alive, and I'm hear to tell you there is no cure but Jesus Christ. He is the only reason I am sane and alive.


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  • i don't know how to solve the question, but to get over your hatred of lesbians is real easy. watch lesbian porn. that'll change your mind real quick.

  • Is your father Ross geller ?

    • Hahaha not the first time I've heard that. But at least Ross got to see his son!

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