I miss her but I don't want to get back with her either?

So around May/June I met a girl and we started seeing each other and really liked each other and made things official. Over time I met her family who loved me to bits and she met mine who loved her to bits. The relationship started off with her being quiet and not really making much of an effort with me, but about a month of being together she did start to come out of her shell and we were getting closer. Things were going so great.

But then just over a month out of that she just seemed to go quiet with me. I started to feel like me and her were drifting apart. She seemed to be making a lack of effort again and I just felt unwanted really and so I confronted her about it. But it just caused an argument. It was clear to see that I think she wanted to break up.

After arguing for so long, I didn't want to lose her but at the same time I kind of thought that breaking up was maybe for the best as things would probably be awkward from now on. I know arguments are meant to make you compromise and work together, but I could just tell she's the type of girl to never back down for a long time. And after a few days we did then break up..

Her mum was heartbroken and still kind of is because she really did grow so attached to me. Her mum still talks to me now really and always says how it's a shame we didn't work out and that she still holds a bit of hope for the both of us..

Now I have moved on. I feel settled again and happy yet I still have these occasions where I miss her like crazy and wonder if she ever misses me. I find myself stalking her Facebook, or talking to her mum (Her mum is the one who usually messages me first and I still love talking to her) But at the same time I don't want to get back with her after everything and esepcially seeing a horrible side to her towards the end really.

How can I just move on and forget?


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  • Interesting.

    Personally, I feel like keeping in touch with her mom is a bad thing. It's not going to help you forget about the girl, that's for sure. If you think about it, the only reason her mom is talking to you is because she likes you and still has hope that the two of you can get back together.

    If it helps, block her on facebook. Just for a bit, until you completely get over her. If you have any text messages from her or pictures, delete them now. That helps me move on the best in all honesty. Over time, you'll forget them.

    Get out and meet new people. This WILL help you move on and forget. You're going to meet someone who truly cares about you. Unlike her, they show effort and a desire to be with you. How can you not want that?


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