Why do I constantly overthink after a breakup?

Just looking back two weeks today.. everything was basically good... but we did start getting into a little argument Saturday night until labor day when she broke up with me. and my life has not be the same since.. Honestly it's so frustrating I mean I could tell while we were together. that she really loved and cared about me.. just by the way she use to act when we talked.. but now it's almost 2 weeks after the break up.. and it seems like she doesn't even have feelings for me anymore or cares about the breakup/memories of the relationship. Plus overanalyzing every situation like what is she doing/talking to/etc when we aren't talking (cause we don't talk as much) like can someone really be over you that fast? or is she just better hiding it than I am? I mean obviously when we talk on the phone she isn't going to say "I still have strong feelings for you and I think about us/our relationship all the time" cause I don't say these things to her when we talk either. it just seems like she's living life so good right now or maybe she's trying to stay busy to keep her mind off of it.. I think one of the most frustrating things about a break up is not knowing what the person is thinking/feeling i can tell she still cares about me but not knowing if she still has even the most tiny feelings for me is frustrating.. she has so many amazing qualities that I'd want in a woman as well.. I also dont know if i want her back or i miss the relationship


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  • Everyone wonders the same thing. You're like: how in the world are they doing so well? It's like our relationship meant nothing.

    I'm sure she thinks about you, cares about you, and even misses you. A little or a lot, we do not know. But regardless of this, you need to move on. Everyone is the same way after a break up.

    I don't blame you for trying to get over a person who was so involved in your life-so important. The fact that s/he has all of a sudden disappeared has made you lonely and unhappy.

    You need someone or something to fill that missing gap. I've always had a hard time with this. After a breakup I feel like the world is going to end. It's not. All you have to do is go out with your friends and meet new people. You CANNOT have the time to do nothing because then you'll get bored and then think about her and all of the memories. Meeting new girls will make you realize that there are so many great people out there, you were so in love with your ex that you forgot that. You're going to find someone that's even better than her-and it may not seem like that but trust me on this :)


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  • give it a month man, usually they start getting their feeling back after a month of thinking that they broke through the jail.. slowly after 30 days she will realize she has lost u and most probably will call u, wait , trust me, and stay no contact rule


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  • Everyone does that.

    • That's true.. but it just sucks.. feeling like she's 100 percent over me.. I mean it just seems.. already?

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    • No, that will be too painful for you, most likely. Better to just make a clean break and not speak until you've recovered.

    • Opps, that's what I meant.. when I'm completely over her.. Maybe there's a possibility to be friends. i should have said it better

  • You she talk to her and be clear with her.


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