Is it flirting if a girl holds my arm while she's talking to me?

She's sitting and I'm standing next to her. Just before her office mate (another woman) left she starts holding my arm. She then starts telling about this problem with her computer. Is this flirtus maximus?


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  • I would call that flirting. Watch though...Did she let go of your arm when the other lady left the room or continue holding it? Sorry but some girls are nasty that way... If she kept holding it I would say she has some interest in you... I touch a lot when I speak but I don't hold unless there's a reason. Cheers

    • She held on to my arm long after the other lady left the room.

    • Yep...She's saying something to you. Good Luck!

    • Thanks, after I read your comment I went over to see her. As soon as she heard I was in the room she lit up like a Christmas bulb.

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