Contact ex?

We were together 2 1/2 years and she dumped me 6 months ago. We tried being friends and after the first 2 weeks it was too hard. So we stopped, and I moved 450 miles away to escape the pain honestly. So, I had sent some (nice) drunk emails/texts occasionally over the first 1-2 months after we had broken up as well, but have made no contact since since I received no response. I don't want to date her, but maybe be friends? I loved her so much and she was such a big part of my life for so long. Do I email her and just wish her well and see if she responds? Or forget it and move on? I was her first boyfriend and love too..

Easier said than done guys. I joined a gym, I go out on weekends, I've dated/slept with other people.. I've done everything people have suggested.. I just can't get over her because I have no closure. Maybe if we were friends I could, that's all.


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  • As hard as it is, I would try to focus on what makes you happy in life, and what you truly want, aside from women. The more you email and message her the worse it will be. Try to enjoy your life, you will be amazed at the reaction. My girl dumped me last christmas! I was distraught, and messaged her ect ect, drunk msgs ect, didn't do anything except make me look a twat. So after a while I started to get on with my life, I joined a gym, planned holidays ect, then I got a text from her. If ur living 450 miles away, then that prob hasn't helped, and also its not always the nest idea to run away from a situation, however hard it is. So maybe if ur serious about getting her back, you need to be somewhere near. Best advice is just get on with and enjoy ur life, go out and have a laugh chat to some other girls. And see what happens.

  • no move on.

    if you are 450 miles away what's the point.

    you need to move on.


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