Why did my ex boyfriend blocked me on facebook?

Yes, I have said horrible things to him that made him think I will do bad things to him and also I told him that someone else is comforting me now and that I can really find a guy better than me that made him cried and mad at me as well as admitting my faults that he disnt notived before. I also asked him if he wants to be back with me since I loved him still but he refused because of my words and actions cause I kindda made myself looked desperate by showing up to him without him knowing then I asked him if foes he still loves me and he said it's not an answerable question and when I asked him if he misses me he said it doesn't matter. The main reason of our break up is that I will move to a different country and be there permanently while he stays here for his work. Does he still loves me that's why he blocked me on facebook so I couldn't see his posts? Or does just want to get rid of me? Cause if that's the case, he knows I still have his number, home and office address. Or does he just want to move on but still loves me? Cause he really cried when I said somebody is comforting me right now. I don't understand.
Does he still loves me? Cause he can't answer me yes or no.. Also when I asked if did he missed me.. I asked those questions the last time we saw each other when he was already calm but I know that time he still doesn't want to see me but I desperately showed up cause I want to settle things with him already and he agreed to see me.


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  • You sound kind of... confused.
    you said horrible things
    you made him think you would do bad things
    you said you were with someone else
    then you showed up out of no where
    said you still love him
    after a break up where you are simply moving to another country

    he blocked you from Facebook because you are a cup full of bat shit crazy

    he has no choice but to deal with you in some other places like work, but I'm sure he is hoping distance will keep you at bay

    • But does he still loves me because he did that even if he's trying to move on now?

    • No he blocked you because you abused his trust. He may or may not still care about you, but that is not why he blocked you.

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  • "Oh geez I wonder why he won't talk to me all I did was being a cunt to him". Get your act together lady for real you should know better. You were being cunt to him wth is wrong with you why would you say those things to him and then except him to want to take you back.

    • Cause I was devasted with the break up..'but does he still loves me thats why he wants to get rid of me right now?

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    • I know. I can feel that but I just want to have a clue if does he still loves me cause he really blocked me from facebook. Even if I bug him on Facebook, he can just ignore me and I have his number I can bug him if I want to even his home and work address.. But why in Facebook?

    • because easier to block maybe blocking numbers costs money you know.

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  • Wow... your moving but you dumped him and said mean things that made him cry. He cares about you but he's hurt and trying to move on, or too hurt to see you.

    • But he's the one who dumped me saying he can't do ldr but yeah he's so hurt to see me but i already explained that i still love him and the guy has a girlfriend and he's just comforting me. Does he still loves me thats why he did this act?

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    • How bad was the break up? Did he dump you because you were leaving and then what happened?

    • Thats it and then I went crazy since its my first ever break up with somebody.. He was just probably fed up with me thats why

  • Its to get rid of you. You messed with his emotions, hurt his feelings and he wants nothing to do with you; so if thats the end result you wanted why delve more into this.

    • But he's the one who dumped me first cos he said he doesn't want ldr.. So is he still in love with me? Cos the last time we talked we had settled down and talked calmly with each other but he said he haven't really forgave me fully. If he doesn't love me anymore, why will he do such childish act? I don't get it cause I can still "bug" him if I want to through texting/calling him

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    • But do you think he still have feelings for me? Cause the last time I saw him, his stomach was huge.. Looks like a beer belly and he is putting all his time at work

    • I don't know nor care. Its none of your business anymore and it seems like you two are better off apart.

  • The things you've said to him, I don't know why he'd even bother responding to those messages you sent him.

    • I know I'm stupid but I already apologized and he accepted it but not fully forgave me.. But right now, I amnjust confised if does he still have feelings for me but just wants to move on? Cause he cried so bad in front of me and was really2 mad at me

    • If he does care about you he might be afraid to go back with you with all that you said.

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  • "Why did my EX boyfriend blocked me on facebook?"

    "Yes, I have said HORRIBLE things to him that MADE HIM THINK I WILL DO BAD THINGS TO HIM and also I told him that SOMEONE ELSE is comforting me now and that I can really FIND A GUY BETTER than me that MADE HIM CRIED"

    How are you somehow confused about this situation?

  • You threatened him. Once a person threatens you, the only smart thing to do is to put as much time, distance, and space between you and them as possible. And that includes online defenses.

    Whether he still loves you or not is irrelevant. Him loving you or wanting you doesn't mean he can go back to you now that you have crossed that line. Cut your losses, let him go, and never make the mistake of threatening anyone ever again. One cannot threaten or bully someone into loving them. Even if you could, why on earth would you want to be in a relationship with someone who is only there because they feel coerced into being with you?

  • Why do you even care. He is ex. Just let hım go.


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