Does it mean he never loved me?

So my ex has been suffering from depression and lately it's gotten worse and he texted me because he didn't feel right so I comforted him and told him everything would be ok. So last Tuesday he text me good morning and how was your sleep and then called me and we talked on and off for almost 3 hours. He said he loved me and he said he wished I was there with him. I asked him why he loved me and he said "because you're more important then anything." But then after talking for a while he said I'll call you tomorrow babe and I said ok. But he never did, so he texts me Friday saying hi then tells me his head is so messed up right now and that he didn't want to lead anyone on because it's just not in him right now" so does it mean he doesn't really love me.

I told him if be there for him just as a friend and he said thanks that's all I need right now. But he seemed like he doesn't really want me there. I just don't understand why he would treat me like this. He broke up with me a few months ago and at the beginning I told him I needed space but he continued to contact me. We even went a month without talking because I told him I never wanted to speak to him, but then after a month he contacted me. I feel so sad because I never wanted to loose him, but I'm also relieved in a way because he told me.


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  • Depression does affect feelings, and it did seem like he really cared for you and loved you, maybe he still does?
    I have a few suggestions, but I need to know more about the situation between the two of you. If you want, you can send me a message and we can talk about it, if you want someone to talk to :)

    • Thank you so much, I think everyone I know is tired of hearing about it.

  • He might just did it for your attention


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