What the hell happened?

A few years ago I met this amazing guy. He treated me like I was the moon and the stars for four years. Then a few months ago I discovered he was carrying on a relationship with some woman online. At first he told me she just shared his hobby of writing and they were writing together. I was okay with that since it was an anonymous email he used and he created a fake persona to write under. Then I read some of it and found out it wasn't a story at all. They spoke of their day, his fake guy day and her family and so on. He was describing taking her to bed and wrapping around her at night. You get the picture. We've been fighting about it for months. He keeps saying he'll stop but he won't. He didn't. Recently the fights have gotten very ugly. I have called him a cheat and liar. He has told me to shut the fuck up. Called me a crazy bitch, fucking bitch, told me I need to see a shrink. We have mixed our family. Me with one child and him with two. He has drug it out into the living room for them to hear and yelled while I try to tell him to get control of himself and quiet down. If I follow him outside of the room to ask him not to take it out there in front of them he will just get louder. Now he's accusing me of being the one to parade in front of our kids how he is a cheater amd a liar and I made it the family legacy. Now I look back at these months and I see the pattern of emotional and verbal abuse. I'm scared to leave his girls and I know they're afraid of me leaving. They past six months he's been doing this they don't recognize him. He snaps at them of they inturrupt him on his computer. They are teenagers and it's hard not to see their expressions. His best friend has said that even he doesn't know who he's tuned into and told him he is cheating by doing this. I need to leave. I know I do. He's the bread winner and rental is for another year. What happened to him.


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  • you need to get a job. then call order of protection for the sake of yourself and the kids.

    • We own a company together. I've run the business side of it but he earns the $$ physically. I recently got a job and do that on the side, but I just started.
      Thank you for your answer. What is order of protection? It's never been physical.

    • don't fight with him. i know its hard. do something sexy, different, go on date night... try counseling. but in order for counseling to work he can't be talking to another woman. or go on a romantic get away...

      save extra money for yourself, be financially independent.
      if its gets bad, thats what u can do. a restrainting order or Oof Prot.

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