I want to be back together with my EX!!! What's the best thing I can do?

We broke up 3 months ago due to fights. During that time I really worked on myself. We began talking and seeing each other again but it's been different. He doesn't seem like the same person. The person who loved me... I like to think he still does somewhere. He said he remembers the good times which is why he wanted to take things slow but cannot jump into any relationship right now not only because of our history but also because he is getting his doctorate. He said maybe down the line after I know things would be good between us. There's been a lot of push and pull on his end. Where he will want to take things forward then take a step back because it's too fast too soon he'll say. Things got intense between us so we aren't talking right now. I'm going to wait for him to contact me because anything else I do will push him away. What's the best thing I can do?


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  • Keep working on yourself and show him you are serious about what you are saying. 3 months just isn't a really long time and he like you is still stinging a little bit.

    • Thank you for responding. I keep making mistakes. We we started talking again I felt fine but then when things started to progress and he then wanted to step back... I started to feel very emotional about it.

  • The best thing you can do is move on and get out of the mindset where you feel like you want to go back to a relationship that already has a history of not working out. With all the eligible guys out there, why would you want to go back to something that's already broken?


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