I suspect she's either cheating or doesn't love anymore is this a good reason to end a relationship?

We've been together for a few years. She moved a head of me to a new city to setup our new place for a job I was taking. I couldn't follow sinc I was user contract with another job. When I got there it doesn't feel the same. She seems distant, always on her phone and Facebook. When we get intimate it feels like she's just doing it for me... not because she enjoys it. I hate coming home from work to a roomate as not my lover. I don't want to accuse her since I trust her and have no proof.
I ask her If everything is fine but she just says "yeah" or makes excuses why she's distant. I'm busy, I have stuff on my mind. It feels like I'm trying, asking and making effort to talk but she just shuts down any conversation with lack of interest. She's texting 24/7 and it's not me. I want to break up because it just feels like I'm working hard to provide and coming home to a stranger. Am I justified?


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  • If you're not happy then you're well within your right to end the relationship, no matter what the reason is. Talk to her and tell her you're unhappy and that things need to change. If she still carries on the way she is now, then you're probably better off without her.


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  • Tell her whats bothering you. People these days just assume the other person knows or expects what the other person needs. If you can't communicate with each other than that's not good and should be worked on.

  • I wouldn't break up with her before talking to her about it first. You never know - maybe there's something else going on in her life that has her troubled.


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