Guys, thoughts on an angry text?

My ex and I dated for 6 months. We ended things b/c he "couldn't commit" for various reasons i won't detail. He said his feelings are very real so he's confused, but that it isn't fair to me to keep dating. I went no contact for 3 weeks until one day i received a hand-written letter from him. He things like, "I miss you so much," "I want to continue getting to know you," "I feel cosmically connected to you." He said he's confused about relationships b/c of his past and asked if at the very least we can remain friends. He was not explicitly trying to get me back, but his emotional words were VERY confusing, and made it seem like he wasn't closing the door. I said i didn't want to be friends right now, but that if he wants to continue getting to know me, the door is open but let's allow distance. Over the next 2 months, he kept occasionally texting (i barely ever initiated). he sent inside jokes, music, etc. All very confusing b/c it indicated he was thinking about me. I tried not to analyze it to death but it was hard to move on since it gave me hope. He started initiating daily and we eventually hung out twice. We hung out for several hours and had a great time. I was so confused and was becoming more frustrated at the real chance of it only being a friend thing. I confronted him and he said he wants friendship. I explained how wrong it was fror him to send mixed messages after i asked not to be friends. he apologized. we agreed to cut contact until when/if i'm ready to be friends. I KNEW i shouldn't do it, but i was so angry that I had to feel rejected again, that I texted him "you weren't a good friend to me, i was the good friend to you." I regretted it immediately. Even tho i knew it was time to move on, i wish i had taken the high road, so i sent an email the next day saying, sorry, i was upset but that i think we can be friends one day, i just need time. He ignored both.

Did my angry text/follow-up look desperate and crazy? What would you think in his shoes?


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  • You've ruined his mental sanity.


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