Ex boyfriend or new guy?

My boyfriend and I broke up after 5 years and moving in together. I started dating this other guy that doesn't have a good past, he was a player and slept with a lot of girls and had a kid with a stripper. But he has really changed his life around and wants to settle down. My ex has been sending me presents to work and calling me telling me how he made a mistake and wants me back. I really love him but I don't know if things can change after we fought soo much? can they? and this other guy has a kid and I don't know if I'm ready to be a mom to him. I just want some feedback...my ex is a great guy but just made a mistake I know he learned from it but I don't know if things will be better if we are back together. What if this other guy really hasn't changed?


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  • From what your saying it looks as though you already know what YOU want. Putting up barriers to this new relationship and at the same time suggesting avenues back with your ex. Your obviosuly worried and don't want to rush back into anything with him. Can things change? yes of course they CAN change, but it has to be on both sides. In regards to your new guy, it sounds like you only just met and you have too much on your mind atm to be fully commited to him let alone be his kid's new mum. I can't tell you what's right but from what you've written it seems like atm you want to test the waters with your ex. Maybe some alone time would help you decide. Easier to make these sort of decsions looking in rather than being trapped. Hope this helps. x


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